1. offscreenmag:

    The talented June Kim just sent me these lovely photos of the latest issue. Taken at Makeshift Society in San Francisco (which is also our local stockist).

  2. offscreenmag:

    Our “Desktop” series features 5 inspiring workspaces every week (or so).

    Photos via Blood & Champagne, Minimal Desks and others.

  3. How you can help promote Offscreen


    My latest blog post triggered a lot of heartwarming offers for help in getting the word out about Offscreen. Thanks so much!

    While I still haven’t found the ‘ideal candidate’ (?) for the role described, so many of you are willing to promote the magazine within your circle of friends and colleagues and your local web scene, which is fantastic.

    Almost every day I receive emails that usually end with “If I can ever help in any way, let me know.” Due to the amount of emails, it’s difficult to take you guys up on your offer, which is sad, because I can really use all the help I can get — in particular with the promotional side of things.

    So here are 10 simple ways you can support Offscreen:

    Buy all the issues

    It’s as easy as that. Every single copy counts and helps make the magazine a viable business and full-time job for me.

    Share it with friends and colleagues

    Tell your social media friends about Offscreen and be prepared for the default answer, “Print-only, really?” Once you receive your copy, show or lend it to your friends and colleagues, and see their fascination for the printed word come alive (again).

    Make your boss get an office subscription

    It’s the perfect magazine for the office: put it in your cafeteria or in the reception area where clients are waiting. It’s also a great gift or additional perk for new employees.

    Write a review

    If you have a blog, consider writing a short review with a few photos about your experience with Offscreen.

    Suggest it to your favourite companies/blogs

    This could potentially have a huge impact: if you have a direct contact at a popular blog, publication, magazine or other media outlet, get in touch with them to tell them how much you like Offscreen and why it should get more exposure.

    Suggest it to your favourite local book/design shop

    If you frequent a well-stocked book or design shop in your city, take your copy with you and show it to them. I’m always interested in extending my stockist list.

    Take it to local events

    Events are great for meeting like-minded folks. You’ll be loved even more for introducing them to a beautiful magazine they have never heard of. ;) If you are organising an event, email me to get a few free give-away copies.

    Become a patron of an issue

    Starting with issue No8 up to 25 people can become a patron, support the magazine financially, and get their name printed in the back.

    Request promotional copies

    If you are in a unique position to promote the magazine (at a conference, during a business trip, a meeting with the editor of the New York Times, etc.) Please get in touch to request a few promotional copies.

    Introduce the magazine to potential interviewees

    Although the list of potential contributors is constantly growing, I’m still interested in finding inspiring candidates for our interviews (especially of underrepresented groups). If you are in contact with such a person, please introduce them to the magazine first and see whether they’d be interested in being published. Then get in touch.

  4. offscreenmag:

    Happy launch day, everyone! Issue No8 is now available for purchase.

    An email with more details just went out to all readers (spam folder?). If you are a subscriber, you can check your subscription status here.

    Shipping will start this Friday and extends all the way to Monday (see shipping times).

    With close to 50,000 words, it’s probably our densest issue yet. And again, I’m really stoked about the exceptional line-up of individuals who share their experience with technology, the web and the community behind them. I’m also proud to say that this issue includes the most diverse group of contributors so far, featuring personal stories from underrepresented places like Rwanda, Syria and the Bahamas.

    Be quick, get your order in today to be included in our first mail-out this Friday!

  5. offscreenmag:

    This beautiful portrait and interview with Joachim Sauter, a successful German media artist, designer and Professor at the Universität der Künste Berlin, makes me miss Berlin really badly. Luckily, I’ll be visiting in the first 2 weeks of June! :)

    Photos by FvF, one of my all-time favourite websites.